Many people, especially folks who aren’t involved with church or haven’t been to church in a long time, find it difficult or awkward to approach a minister or pastor. It’s my hope this web site makes it easier. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about your wedding.

All the decisions you make involving your wedding are important, including who you ask to officiate. I am an ordained minister and I have married dozens of couples. I have training in spiritual direction and premarital preparation. I love liturgy and ceremony and helping people craft reverent, yet personalized weddings.

I love to officiate at weddings. I have been honored to preside at many marriages in my time as a minister. Having served as a minister in Massachusetts I have legally married gay and lesbian couples and I have performed commitment ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples in Texas. Being the child of divorced parents and someone who became a Unitarian Universalist minister after having been raised Roman Catholic, I am sensitive to blended families and have a lot of experience with interfaith weddings. I truly enjoy the art and ministry of helping people craft this important ceremony. Check my availability for your wedding here.

A wedding, although wonderful, romantic, and spectacular is a one-time event on one day. Marriage, however, is a long-term commitment. Therefore, I strongly recommend that all couples participate in some form of pre-marital counseling. Many therapists and counselors, especially licensed marriage and family therapists, offer this service. I offer a pastoral counseling preparation using the Prepare-Enrich program. You can learn more about Prepare-Enrich from this video introduction or at their website.


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