Your wedding ceremony will be amazing and awesome!  That’s the feed back from the couples I have married.

“When my now-husband and I were planning on getting married, the ceremony was very important to us. coming from Catholic backgrounds, but no longer practicing, we struggled with how to include God on our big day, without feeling like we were sacrificing our current beliefs (and, of course, needing to satisfy our parents). Rev. Tony was the answer to our prayers. he was happy to include as much or as little “God” as we wanted, and was very deliberate about it, so we always knew exactly where we stood. but even more than the beautiful ceremony he performed for us, I highly highly recommend utilizing his services for pre-wedding couples connection. my now-husband and i have always had a very open and communicative relationship. there wasn’t hardly any territory Rev. Tony introduced that we hadn’t already discussed. however- especially if we had not already touched on most of what he introduced, I think it would be incredibly valuable for those couples who maybe haven’t had all of the conversations about what the partnership of marriage really means for the rest of your life.

Finally, on a personal note- I am a very demanding, type A person. I ask a lot of the people I invite into my life, and expect a lot from them. I was very discriminating in choosing all of my vendors, and i would choose Rev. Tony a million times over. He was incredibly responsive, thoughtful, respectful, fun, generous of his time and spirit, and just a pleasure to work with. If you are considering choosing Rev. Tony for your special wedding ceremony, you cannot go wrong. He will listen (and really hear) your wants and needs, and help you manage the murky, stressful process of planning a wedding ceremony. He was an advocate for us, and truly cared that we were happy with our ceremony.”  – Denise K. Mitchell

Rev. Tony officiating for Shauna and Andrew.

Rev. Tony is amazing!! He married my husband and I just over a month ago, and we are still getting compliments on how fantastic our ceremony was. He was super accommodating, working around our work schedule for meetings. He made the process so easy. He even gave us reading options to choose how our ceremony would sound. Rev. Tony let us pick everything, down to the robe he wore! His speaking voice is so professional and intelligent, he just made everything sound so perfectly wonderful. He even paused to check on us during the ceremony because i told him i would most likely be overly emotional the whole time, and as we were pulling away in the limo, he was already running our marriage license out to the mail box so we would have it back ASAP. I just cannot say enough about how memorable he made our day. – Shauna

Rev. Tony unites Cynthia and Todd with laughter and joy.

Every time we look back on our wedding, we smile. That’s due in large part to Rev. Tony. – Cynthia

Rev. Tony uniting Sarah and Ian.

Tony was wonderful! He was organized and helped us prepare in advance to make our ceremony just perfect. He eased our anxiety and helped make our ceremony exactly what we wanted it to be. We highly recommend!

– Sarah

Rev. Tony with Bethany and Scott
Rev. Tony officiates for Bethany and Scott

“I want to highly recommend Reverend Lorenzen to any couple searching for an officiant. Not only was he sensitive to our spiritual beliefs, he was incredibly professional and eloquent. He added a great vibe to our wedding and we were so lucky that he was willing to work with us so close to the date! We also used his pre-marital counseling services, which was of great benefit to us. Not only did it get us a discount on our marriage license, but we really honed in on areas we need to continue to strengthen in our relationship. We were very excited to get married, but our counseling session gave us both that extra piece of mind that we were truly making the right decision. Tony was super flexible, too! Things got very hectic for us just prior to the wedding, when my husband had to go out of town last minute, but Rev. Lorenzen worked around our schedule and helped everything run smoothly. My guests were very impressed by his services, and my husband was really happy to find someone who respected his atheism. Rest assured that going with Rev. Tony is a great choice!”


Bethany and Scott

Rev. Tony with Sandy and Jim

“My husband Jim and I loved working with Tony in preparing for our wedding! He listened to what we wanted and had an incredible variety of suggestions. Our wedding in a gazebo in the park, filled with family and friends, couldn’t have been more perfect!”

– Sandy M.

Rev. Tony officiates for Sarah and Sidney
Rev. Tony officiates for Sarah and Sidney

We couldn’t have asked for more from Tony for our wedding. He was willing to travel half way across the country to make our day so special.  He was so prepared with ceremony ideas so we had so little to think about. His professionalism and delivery was not at all a disappointment but memorable to perfection. The morning of the wedding, I was freaking out a bit. So I picked up the phone and called Rev. Tony and he answered right away and assured me that what I was experiencing was perfectly normal. I guess he said all the right things because I’m now married for almost two years to my lovely wife and we are constantly in awe of what a wonderful experience it was to have Tony there walking us through it all. – Sidney

“When the Catholic Church wouldn’t marry us because we were divorced and didn’t have a Catholic annulment , Tony helped us create a sacred ritual that embraced our Catholic Christianity and affirmed our relationship. We will forever be grateful.”  – Janet


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